There Is No Denying, Social Media Has Affected The Music Industry In A Major Way, But How?

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There Is No Denying, Social Media Has Affected The Music Industry In A Major Way, But How?

With the rise of downloading and streaming platforms like Spotify, it’s easy to focus on the negative impact this medium is having on physical album sales and track purchases, but where there is loss, there is gain. Over the past decade, social media has played a major part in helping the music industry to grow, providing musicians the ability to promote themselves, connect with their fans directly and build an online community. This ongoing communication and engagement, has in turn, helped with the promotion of digital albums, streaming, live performances, events and merchandise sales.

Social media is also playing its part in helping major record labels, with scouts now able to simply comb through social media platforms to find and recognise new talent. From Ed Sheeran to Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris to The Weeknd, there are many soundcloud DJ’s and YouTube stars who have shot to fame via the power of online networks. Social media has opened up a magical portal between music industry professionals and hidden talent all around the world.

With streaming now becoming one of the most popular ways to listen to music, many social media sites provide the ability for listeners to like, share, comment and even vote for the music they love, helping  to boost an artists popularity and makes them even easier to find online. Most of these social media platforms and applications also allow effortless sharing between various different networks, so if someone with thousands of followers shares a song, it can go viral within hours, helping musicians to become recognised overnight.

Gone are the days of of flyering and demo tapes, promotion is now predominantly done through online marketing and social media channels. These days, anybody can create music and anybody can listen to it, with consumers now becoming the producers. There are even social media platforms specifically designed to help share music and promote musicians such as BandCamp, Beatport and Soundcloud. The way in which we consume music has completely shifted. Where once (in the early noughties) we had peer-to-peer sharing of music files from sites like Napster and LimeWire, we now have paid subscriptions to online streaming platforms which provide millions of songs right at our fingertips.

The music industry is constantly evolving due to the huge influence of social media and technology. When it comes to online promotion and marketing, any strategies that music industry professionals create and put in place will have to keep changing. We highly recommend staying up to date with the changes as much as possible, as well as continuously using these platforms to your full advantage.

With so much change occurring and plenty of competition, It can be a daunting task to stay consistent and keep your network engaged. Get in touch with us today and we can help put together a structured plan that will help boost your online profile, grow your following organically and keep you on track with all the latest updates.