Caprices Festival

Case Study: Caprices Festival, Switzerland


  • To increase traffic to the website + online channels.
  • Increase overall ticket/ advance ticket sales.
  • To achieve longterm + relevant growth across all digital channels.
  • Brand awareness
  • Maximum international exposure for Caprices Festival


Lattitude initially performed a brand awareness analysis for Caprices Festival and MDRNTY Events. Caprices and MDRNTY are included under one umbrella and they came as a package. Our aim was to embed both brands into the lifestyles of their target market and expand internationally, as both Switzerland-based brands already enjoyed a local and committed audience.

Like with content marketing (due to the continuously developing digital marketing industry) there is a multitude of social networks; all of which, have a unique characteristic and purpose. All of these networks need to be carefully managed in particular Facebook and Instagram, who were best placed as the vehicles for driving such awareness for this project. Facebook, being one of the most powerful social networks in the world with 1.55 billion+ active users, was a key part of the digital marketing puzzle and overall brand strategy. For Caprices Festival and MDRNTY, standout festival location and event imagery / live video material, was our most effective tool in increasing reach and engagement and converting leads into direct sales. Caprices Festival and MDRNTY Events projected their brand via two websites. Both were basic, however they included a ticket sales function. We therefore focused on growth and engagement via the key social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, with the end goal for driving traffic to the website and increasing ticket sales. Our predominant goal was to develop and maintain the social media channels and assist with online PR. Using all of the key assets around us, whether it be influential artist, partner or press pages, and then investing in the content via these outside influential channels. This, alongside strategic advertising via post engagement and click to website campaigns, Caprices Festival and MDRNTY Events moved their online presence to the next level. Verification came soon after and enhanced the brands’ overall reach. Mastering your social media targeting strategy gets you in front of specific and often motivated segments of your audience, on the channels where they spend most time. Once this is achieved and maintained; from here the only way is up.


Our project partnered with Caprices Festival / Modernity Events was a clear success. Across Caprices Festival’s social channels, we had a combined growth of 30,000 followers in 8 months. We also attained a combined growth of 14-15,000 relevant new followers across Modernity Events. Our advertising spend was limited, so we no option but to be creative with our content, and strategic with our engagement tactics. Relevancy is far more important than growth we cannot use – relevancy and consistency of content is how we can connect with your target audience and turn interest into direct conversions/ bookings. Caprices Festival sold out on its first ticket release, all via powerful online advertising and strategic targeting. The festival was full and content online tripped. We reached and exceeding our objectives.