zoo project

Case Study: Zoo Project, Ibiza


  • To increase traffic to the website and online channels.
  • Increase overall ticket/ advance ticket sales.
  • To achieve longterm + relevant growth across all digital channels.


We took a brand awareness approach with digital marketing for The Zoo Project. Building a solid platform starts with your website – your home base. Whether it’s via your website, an online community, or through your social media channels, you should always be looking to provide consistent value first and foremost. The Zoo Project had a minimum budget when we were engaged, so we were tasked with achieving our objectives with limited capital. We made basic website changes to meet SEO guidelines and updated the mission statement, images and videos to represent The Zoo Project ethos; it’s all about being a part of a musical family and letting go of negativity at the door. The Zoo Project in an affordable party experience and we wanted to convey this message via the marketing: “everyone is welcome.” We teamed up with an online ticketing partner that managed the ticket purchase pages on our behalf and at the same time worked on SEO and Google Advertising campaigns, which was great for the budget provided coming into summer 01. With limited budget, we pushed this into a strategic marketing and growth plan, and our primary goal coming on board was to increase growth dramatically coming into the summer months. With Lattitude being a part of the Facebook + Instagram Partnership portal, we held an added advantage, and we were ahead of the curve when it came to strategic advertising, and achieving more for less. This was key as we had to make the most of every penny of the budget, which was tight and at a minimum during winter months. We used each key members of the team to represent The Zoo Project online; this made it more personal and relatable to audiences. We used image and video material, captured live at the events, to demonstrate the Zoo family ethos and push reach, engagement, growth and overall interest. By keeping your content more personal, it helps your target audience relate to the brand. One of our first achievements was Verification across the channels and from this we grew our online audience progressively and consistently.


We have grown The Zoo Project substantially over the past three years across all social media channels and being a major part of the online sales moving into every summer. We had a combined growth across social media of 150,000 new followers. As a team we are hugely passionate about Ibiza, the summer and the island community as a whole, living here all year round. Our skills are based around long term brand awareness and progressive and relevant growth and we really achieved it for The Zoo Project.